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Deal Only With The Best CardSharing CCcam Server

What is Cardsharing?

Cardsharing is the ability of more than one receiver to operate using the same legitimate card. Generally, in this situation the receiver is connected to a computer. This acts as the host for the information. All of the other receivers who wish to access the information become clients. The clients are then able to access the unencrypted code via the host. Another facet of this system is that you can connect to more than one television. However, if you only have one receiver you will only be able to watch one channel at any given time. If you do want to use Cardsharing, you will have to purchase a subscription. A subscription will provide you with the codes, which will allow you to get a clear unencrypted picture.  CCcam and receivers (e.g. Dreambox) are quickly becoming a popular way of getting satellite television.

What Equipment do You Need to Make This System Work?

You must have a receiver, which can run the CCcam protocol software. Additionally, you will need to have a satellite and have broadband. CCcam is a special piece of software that you will need to speak to a server. It is this software that will permit you to watch your programs uninterrupted. Every couple of seconds a signal is actually sent to your television, which needs to be decrypted. This is where the Cccam comes in. It can make certain that you are able to get the signal without the encryption. It is the unlocking key. This process should occur in a mere matter of milliseconds. However, there are providers who cannot do this correctly. If you are not using a server, which has a stable service you will experience either pixilation or freezes. Both of these effects will make watching anything virtually impossible. One of the most important things about installing CCcam is that you do it correctly. You are going to need to run a test on your Dreambox (or similar receiver). The test is designed to make certain that you have a fully functioning connection to the Internet.

Satellite TV via CCcam and Cardsharing

Linux based satellite receivers are the new wave of technology. There is a wide range of different makes and models currently available. What these receivers do is supply you with presentations through an IP service. Among the many receivers are the Dreambox 800, the Dreambox 600 and the Dreambox 500. Dreambox is not the only available receiver, there are others, including a number of clones.

What do Receivers Actually do For You?

You can get all of your favourite channels using the one box or receiver and a broadband connection. Basically, you will be able to view any program and/or channel that your satellite dish can access.